Nowruzlu Wetland

River lagoon with unique vegetation and diversity of animal species

Tourist Attractions

The plant coverage of Nowruzlu wetland is unique among the wetlands of the region. This wetland is a habitat of native and migratory birds with a dense forest of beautiful short tamarisk trees. The animal diversity of Nowruzlu Wetland is remarkable in its kind and is home to birds and animals such as rabbits, wolves and foxes and many other mammals and reptiles. Also, many waterfowl animals and amphibians live in the wetland and the surrounding lands, including fish, frogs, clams, etc.

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Nowruzlu Wetland is home to a variety of animal species including mammals, reptiles, waterfowl and shorebirds, terrestrials and amphibians. The following are some of them like :Waterfowl and shore birds: geese, herons, butymar, cattle egret, larus, ruddy shelduck, storks, swallows, pelicans, coots, cormorants...

Local foods and products

Nowruzlu wetland, like other areas of the wetland, has its own values and functions that in the form of wetland management program, the main values and functions of the wetland can be preserved and steps are taken to believe in it as much as possible ...

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Travel guide

On the southern shore of Lake Urmia and the southeast of West Azerbaijan Province is a fertile land that has been inhabited and ruled by different ethnic groups for thousands of years. The city of Miandoab (Qushchai) is one of the fertile and plain cities of West Azerbaijan, which is famous for having a temperate and very favorable climate, as it was the winter capital of the Ilkhanids.

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